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Network, network, network. This concept has been drilled into the minds of professionals, both young and old, for quite some time now. Oftentimes, networking is done as a service to oneself, a way to pursue new career opportunities or promote oneself. But networking can also be done to help others, especially when done in the healthcare industry. Building your healthcare network begins small but can have lasting effects. Discover how to start networking in this industry below.

Join Professional Groups

Just about every industry has professional groups that are able to be joined, but the healthcare industry certainly takes the cake for the number of professional groups able to be joined. There is an extensive list of professional associations for healthcare workers, including the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and many more. All of these groups make for excellent networking opportunities, as members can meet and interact with current and past professionals. The more detailed of a niche group that you join, the better chances you’ll have of networking with the correct individuals to accomplish whatever goal you have in helping others.

Online Networking

Online networking is both cost-effective and convenient. By utilizing the free online tools available to the public, you’ll be able to begin conversations with other professionals and even with individuals contemplating getting into the industry. And in addition to the professional groups mentioned above, many social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have their own groups for people in the industry to join. You could end up developing professional relationships with others in the industry and forming a common idea to help others. 

Make a Business Card

Some networking opportunities are done in passing. While you may briefly come in contact with an individual and think of it as a missed opportunity, handing them a business card can lead to further conversation and give them a physical card to hand off to others that may become a better network for you. This ensures that you are making yourself available for contact and taking advantage of every possible opportunity that comes your way. Not only can you include your basic contact information, but you can also include any social media handles or websites that you happen to have should the individual want more information on you prior to connecting further.

Networking does not have to be as intimidating as you might think. Additionally, it does not have to be focused on you. Networking can be done with the hopes of helping others through the connections you make. Ultimately, it will help you come in contact with the individuals you need to know to make those goals a reality.