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Today we’ll be looking at the latest trends in healthcare technology


It’s no secret that covid-19 has changed the way that we look at healthcare. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve found new ways to interact with medical resources. One way is through telemedicine. By April of 2020, 43.5% of PCP visits were through telemedicine rather than in person. This greatly benefits the public because it minimizes the risk of contracting something because you’re quarantining at home, but you can still get the help that you need.

The good news is that as Covid begins to die down, telemedicine doesn’t seem to be doing the same thing. People actually prefer going the telehealth route; with it rising in popularity, it seems that it will break $185.6 billion by 2026.

Artificial Intelligence Against Covid-19

Artificial intelligence, believe it or not, is playing a critical role in defending us against the pandemic. Things like pandemic detection, thermal screening, and facial recognition with masks have become crucial to the development throughout the pandemic.

Pandemic Detection

BlueDot is an application made in Toronto, Canada, that was one of the first warning systems in identifying pandemics such as COVID-19. Their technology uses a scanner to look over 100,000 media sources to try and make sense of the outbreaks in real-time. They analyze insect/animal populations, global/regional climate conditions, worldwide flight data and itineraries, the capacity of health systems, as well as vaccine development. Machine learning has helped make a great improvement in immunology, as the machines can pick out different viral fragments to help try to create a vaccine.

Thermal Screening

The FDA has approved non-contact infrared thermometers as well as other types of thermal screening devices to try and determine the temperatures of humans. This can lead to identifying symptomatic patients without the constant need to disinfect everything after a patient. 

Facial Recognition with Masks

Something that’s been incredibly helpful is the enhanced facial recognition technology to identify people’s faces, even with masks on. This way, people don’t have to put themselves at risk so they can identify themselves.