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No matter your situation, there is always help available for mental health issues. Even if you are a part of a community that hasn’t been represented well, there is help available to you. People run into the problem in these communities is not knowing where to turn for resources. The good news is that minority communities have available resources, and we have listed them right here.

Melanin & Mental Health

Melanin & Mental Health began with a mission to aid those in the Black and Hispanic communities who are struggling to find the care that they need. The Melanin & Mental Health website aids in finding a therapist and features several podcasts from mental health experts in minority communities.

Inclusive Therapists

The folks at Inclusive Therapists aim to help all identities. They want to make those who are seeking assistance feel safe. The website allows those in underrepresented communities to find a therapist. Inclusive Therapists also have a system in place to best match someone with a therapist based on their needs. People of color and those in the LGBTQIA+ community are encouraged to visit the site to start their journey to better mental health.

AAKOMA Project

Next, we have the AAKOMA Project. The project’s goal is to help end the stigma surrounding mental health in the early stages. The project achieves this by speaking to teenagers and their parents to educate them on mental health. Ultimately, the hope is that the teenagers who are in diverse communities can let others know about mental health and bring awareness to the matter. The stigma surrounding mental health must be snuffed out before adulthood. It’ll go a long way in making others feel more secure about seeking help.

These are some of the mental health resources that people in underrepresented communities can rely on. As it is, mental health issues can make someone feel isolated. That feeling can be worsened in communities that may already feel as if they aren’t being cared for. These resources are here to let those people know that others do care and want to see them break through and live healthier lives.