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The telemedicine industry has recorded significant growth within the past few years. Currently, many people prioritize the use of telemedicine services compared to the traditional way of doing things. As a matter of fact, virtual healthcare platforms have grown to be desirable within the past few years. According to analysis, telemedicine has become more reliable when compared to the usual way of consultation. Let’s shed light on some of the best telemedicine services available.

The Maven Clinic

This is a virtual healthcare platform specializing in offering health services to women. It works to ensure that women’s health is catered for throughout the parenting period. The service has been designed to be accessible through a smartphone app regardless of the user’s location.

The service has over one thousand seven hundred doctors who are always on standby throughout the day and night, offering personalized services. The doctors are responsible for providing prenatal information and issuing referrals to various fertility clinics across the globe.


MDlive is one of the most popular telemedicine services in the world. Every doctor working under this platform is certified by the respective body in their area of expertise. Besides, the medical practitioners are experienced enough to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. MDlive is well-positioned to offer exceptional healthcare services since the medical practitioners have been in the field for more than fifteen years.

The platform offers its services throughout the day and night to ensure the safety of its customers. The doctors can be easily accessed through phone calls or video chats. This telemedicine platform is popularly known for its mental health professionals who are always on standby.

Doctor on Demand

The name of this telemedicine service clearly explains more info about its benefits. The services are available through the web and an app that can be accessed with a smartphone. The telemedicine service has played a significant role in treating chronic conditions and other urgent health conditions.

The healthcare firm has qualified therapists on board who are responsible for helping patients suffering from mental and behavioral health conditions. The doctors offer relevant treatment advice to patients suffering from different conditions.


The availability of numerous telemedicine services has played a significant role in the provision of quality healthcare services.